Separate Batch for - CMA commencing from 20th of June 2016.
Diagnostic test conducted successfully at Hadas High School.
Admission Open for IIT-JEE Main 30+ batch.
Admission Open for Exclusively for CS.
Admission Open for XI+XII Commerce + Foundation.
Study Material available by Plancess
Welcome To Auxano EduTech
Auxano Edutech has emerged on the horizon of Education to deliver the excellence and enlighten the entire spectrum of learning's. The Auxano Edutech is committed to the cause and aims at providing a "torch in tunnel" to the aspiring students and parents in dilemma.
Vision & Mission
Our vision is to equip students with systematic and comprehensive education in learning, coupled with relevant career development programs and to establish harmony between student's aspiration and parent's expectations through effective coaching and counseling. The focus being enhancing the knowledge base and inculcating right wisdom to raw potential to matured excellence leading to culminate in creating a real good citizen for the nation.
Auxano EduTech is emerged for accomplishing a divine mission of imparting and delivering the services to the students, parents, society and nation through quality education, training and development in all spheres of formal education systems and relevant skill development programs and harnessing the talent potential to shape up a well developed personality and positive outlook to face and stand into fiercely competitive and challenging environment.
Pursuant to Vision and Mission Auxano EduTech has framed and laid down its objectives to influence encircle the entire spectrum of formal education and have tailored the programs to reinforce the formal educational streams in all spheres and coupled with Skill Development Programs.
  • Academic Coaching Objectives (ACO)
  • Competitive Coaching Objectives (CCO)
  • Corporate Objectives (CRO)
  • Development Objectives

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