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Enlightening through / via education: Being a focused feature Auxano has left no stone unturned to enrich the entire curriculum and have apathy mode tie ups likeminded entities as under
  1. Career Khojj is an organization comprising of team of engineers and management professionals affecting technology solutions for education through their moduls like
    • Self Assessment Test
    • Stream Khoj
    • Institute Khoj
    • Discussions and
    • Virtual Classrooms

    The group engaged in guiding the students in realizing their talent and abilities to avail right option to construct the career through TAT (Technical Aptitude Test) involving
    1. Mechanical Reasoning
    2. Overall Analysis
    3. Spatial Analysis
    4. Verbal Ability
    5. Numerical Aptitude
    6. Abstract reasoning

    The outcome of these tests shall lead students and parents to decide proper and suitable career stream.
    Auxano found the right vision in the group and hence is now all set to table the pattern of students and parents at Auxano platforms.
  2. PLANCESS, founded by IITians, is the one stop solution to Foundation,JEE Main & Advanced & Medical Preparation across India. Our strategically developed content is delivered by the Top 100 IIT-JEE Rankers, putting us in a league of our own.
    PLANCESS provides a level playing field to all engineering​ &​ medical​ entrance exam aspirants by providing content at affordable prices.
    Few salient features of our flagship products for JEE Main & Advanced:
    Video Lectures - 330 hours of video lectures & Study Material developed and delivered by IIT-JEE All India Rank 7, 21, 22, 27, 30 and many more..
    Study Material - Exclusive agreement with Wiley to publish books authored by Plancess, for JEE Preparation. The package contains exhaustive theory, 5000+ Illustrations and solved examples; formula sheet containing 2500+ Problems of previous 35 years for IIT-JEE and AIEEE; exercises comprising of 9000+ problems, and also Introducing PLANCESS CONCEPT ( Tips & Tricks, Facts, Notes, Misconceptions, key take away points and problem solving tactics
    Wiley is a 200 year old global publishing company, known in the JEE segment for publication of popular books for Physics, Chemistry and Maths; such as Halliday, Resnick, Walker Physics for JEE; Solomons and Fryhle's Organic Chemistry; and several others.
    PrepLane(On-line assessment)
    More than a product, PrepLane is a vision to bring together the best learning and assessment tools on one smart platform that can personalize the learning experience for every learner. We're entering a revolutionary phase where the experience for every student would be increasingly smarter, richer, relevant and meaningful. With assessments being the focus in the first release, we've made our first stride towards something that would change the way students learn
    So what makes PrepLane AWESOME?
    1. Tests for Every Topic in the syllabus
    2. Smarter Assessments with Solutions
    3. Faster Diagnosis with Richer Insights
    4. Fortnightly All India Tests
    5. Suggestions based on Knowledge maps
    6. Personalized Recommendations

    Salient features of our AIPMT Study Material :
    • Comprehensive theories with features like Knowledge Builder, Did You Know and Try it Yourself to help students learn quickly and deeply
    • Tons of graphics and illustrations to make learning easy
    • Unique Points to Remember added between chapters to highlight important concepts
    • Detailed summary after every chapter for quick revision
    • Formula Sheets to help students quickly recap important formulae
    • Over 30,000 questions with answer keys
    • Over 10,000 solved examples

    Foundation Builder for Std IX & X
    "They say no other investment yields as great a return as the investment in education. An educated workforce is the foundation of every community and the future of every economy – and you, as a guiding light in the sphere of education have proved just that time and time again."
    On this note, the current std. IX and std. X curriculum needs to be augmented to achieve a successful percentage in the entrance exams which are must for all students whether they go for engineering or medical careers. One needs to cement the foundation in the earlier years to achieve this. This is why we at PLANCESS recommend that students be given the opportunity to bridge the gap between their regular studies up to Std X till Joint Entrance Examinations.
    The qualitative material that we have developed will bring a unique foundation-level study material which will enable students to score much better in std. XI & std. XII and therefore gradually equip them to score better in competitive exams.
    We at PLANCESS aim to provide that solid foundation to cement the success rate of your students planning on attempting the Entrance examinations.
    Foundation Vedio Lectures
    Maths: Improve your understanding of Heron's Formula, Area of a Triangle Physics: Light - Reflection
  3. MaRRs Intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd :
    MaRRs International spelling bee is the largest platform of Spelling Bee in Asia for school students. The assessment and learning materials are created in association with expert faculties from English and Foreign Language University (E.F.L.U.) Hyderabad, to improve communication and comprehension skills of students.
    Auxano have sealed a deal with MaRRs and have become exclusive partners for them in Pune and Vidarbha, and discussions are on for franchisee for Navi Mumbai and Thane.
    MaRRS conduct 3 exams which is choice of a Parent:
For more details visit website: http://www.marrs.in

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